Our patient payment solution has expanded to meet the needs of major health systems, physician groups, dental practices, and medical billing companies. No matter the size of your practice, HealthPay24 provides fully automated, patient-driven billing software that is designed to transform the healthcare experience for everyone.


As if being hospitalized isn’t bad enough, dealing with multiple and confusing bills adds to an already unpleasant experience. In 2017, patients experienced an 11% increase in their average out-of-pocket costs, leading to an increase in patients’ disdain for the healthcare industry as a whole.

Not only is this frustrating for patients; it’s also frustrating for the employees, physicians, and CFOs who work to ensure patients receive the care they need. Over 50% of CFOs want access to simpler reports and better billing dashboards, with nearly 2/3 of CFOs struggling to pull the data they need from multiple dashboards and resources.

How Does HealthPay24 Help You?

At HealthPay24, we do things differently. We work to increase POS collections, streamline patient pay rates, improve your digital payment archives and encourage patient self-service – all while integrating with your current EMR system. Our goal is to improve your patients’ experiences through simplicity, mobility, and accessibility.

Penn State Health – Case Study

We want to see your hospital run smoothly – take Penn State Health, for example. Their standard bolt-on billing system was inefficient and the staff lacked the confidence required to run a busy hospital interface. Through HealthPay24, PSH’s online payment revenues took a dramatic turn for the best and created a streamlined, easily-accessible method to increase POS collections. What can we do for your hospital?

Physician Groups

Allow your physician group to focus on patient health without getting bogged down by a convoluted billing system. Your patients want simplicity and accessibility – 78% of patients say they would use a secure online method to access their medical history, past visit notes and payment methods versus traditional email or paper correspondence. 

We know how difficult it can be to stay organized in a bustling medical office. It’s very easy for a patient’s billing records to slip through the cracks and cause confusion, later on, leading to patient distrust or even overpayment. You need a simple, efficient system with cost transparency and flexible payment options.

Why HealthPay24?

When it comes to EMR integration, HealthPay24 is second-to-none. Your patients will enjoy streamlined online payment options without adding any extra stress to your administrative staff. Our system is designed to be a simple, accessible 24/7 program to meet your patients where they are. 

Hunt Regional Healthcare – Case Study

For Hunt Regional Healthcare, an integrated payment system was necessary to keep their busy office organized. HealthPay24’s comprehensive patient payment solution improved POS collections for HRH and opened the door to simple online payment plan accessibility. Today, HRH is enjoying 42 new payment plan setups per month and has successfully integrated with Meditech EMR and the PayNav estimation tool to create an easy, effective payment method for every patient. 

What are you waiting for? See what HealthPay24 can do for you!

Dental Practices

Female dentist doctor greeting patient sitting in dentist chair, turning lamp on, copy space

Dental insurance is one of the most common forms of insurance to be overlooked by employers. For this reason, nearly 88% of dental practices are concerned about their patients’ ability to pay their bills after receiving a necessary service. Many standard billing systems do not give patients the option to pay via payment plan, leaving dental practices without revenue and patients without necessary dental treatments.

What’s a practice to do? Implement HealthPay24’s fully integrated billing system, of course. Every dental patient can have access to their financial obligations and pay in a way that works for them, which in turn brings more patients into your office.

Can HealthPay24 Help You?

HealthPay24’s integrated billing software can be applied to any medical office performing any kind of health care. Your patients deserve the ability to pay whenever, wherever they go, and through HealthPay24 you can provide that certainty. 

Medical Billing Companies

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Medical billing companies ensure that the proper financial procedures are executed and that delayed claims and underpayments are quickly discovered and processed. HealthPay24 can connect you with a solution best suited to you for optimal billing and simple automated processes.

Let us help your customers discover accuracy in healthcare costs and easily-understood billing options for a premier experience they’ll never forget.

What Can HealthPay24 Do for You?

Human error is inevitable in traditional paper billing; that’s why HealthPay24 is dedicated to fully-automated medical billing and tracking for every patient. Our seamless EMR integration is designed to increase patient pay rates while still providing the most personalized patient experience available on the market today.

“If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, you can use HealthPay24 at your hospital.”

Hunt Regional Health

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