HealthPay24, Partners and Healthcare Providers Turn HealthFE Introduction into Opportunities for Deserving Families

July 24, 2015

HealthPay24, Partners and Healthcare Providers Turn “HealthFE™”Introduction into Opportunities for Deserving Families

HealthPay24 is proud that the marketing campaign employed to launch its new HealthFE™, or Healthcare Financial Engagement program, has resulted in a generous donation being made by the company and several of its partners to the Brethren Housing Association (BHA).


At last month’s 2015 Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) ANI Conference in Orlando, the company introduced HealthFE to hospitals and physician clinics nationwide.  HealthFE allows healthcare providers to engage patients about their financial obligation at any point during service and to integrate several payment options that helps keep healthcare affordable.


During the roll-out of Health FE, healthcare executives were offered the opportunity to learn about and to show their support for the future of healthcare in general and the HealthFE program in particular.  In showing support, in appreciation each healthcare executive that took a Selfie with the HealthPay24 team, a donation to the Brethren Housing Association would be made. HealthPay24 rallied support among its employees and partners and everyone contributed to the success BHA campaign.


BHA helps give many Central Pennsylvania families the opportunity to celebrate opportunities not often provided to them – in many cases for the first time – in their own home.  The HealthPay24 family has a proud history of supporting the mission of this extremely important organization and, in the process, touching the lives of many women and children.


HealthPay24 wants to offer a special thank you to its employees who participated in the HealthFE roll-out campaign and the company wants to extend its appreciation to its partner, Equifax, for their generosity in supporting the BHA.


The efforts of both HealthPay24 and Equifax will create a lifetime of positive memories for many families who will now have an opportunity to celebrate.


Thanks to everyone for their generosity and support of Brethren Housing Association.

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