A Unified Payment Portal That’s Got You Covered

Are you frustrated by the growing list of items your EMR can’t cover? Are you providing accounts receivable and other miscellaneous items like deductibles, copays, and retail entries that require separate transactions?

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Stop Losing Patients Over A Disjointed Payment Experience

HealthPay24 offers the healthcare industry the first fully integrated patient engagement platform, allowing provider organizations to:


Decrease cost-to-collect

Collect retail items like prescriptions, OTC medications, and supplements in a single transaction

Reduce administrative costs

Healthpay24 Delivers More In One Platform

Re-Evaluate Your Patient Payment Engagement Strategy

By implementing a holistic solution, providers can now start getting paid on time using a patient payment platform that will increase pre-service collections, automate reconciliation on the backend, and reduce costs.

HealthPay24 offers providers:

  • Guarantor-level viewing to lessen patient confusion and reduce multiple payments
  • Clean payment posting to the patient’s account allowing for easy reconciliation with streamlined payment postings and financial deposits
  • A new retail tool to manage any consumer transaction from payment acceptance, reporting, reconciliation, and posting to your patient billing or general ledger
  • Pre-service collections to offer consumers pre-payment options for copays and deductibles
  • Accurate, simplified, and flexible payment and refund posting to patient accounts
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Where Healthpay24’s Head Of Product Discusses How The Retail Solution Came To Fruition And What This Means For The Healthcare Industry.