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Take Control of Your Revenue Cycle with Intuitive Technology

HealthPay24 believes that interoperability or integration of data is key in driving workflows, behaviors, and patient engagement outcomes. That’s why our simple and secure integration into your existing registration and billing systems allows you to drive performance and effectively influence patient engagement across the entire care journey.

“HealthPay24 is very knowledgeable about everything related to healthcare and a great resource for solving even the most complex challenges relating to collecting payments.

Easy-to-Use Technology Designed for Results

With a completely customizable dashboard, you can configure rule- and role-based permissions based on your organization’s needs, further optimizing your workflows and payment collection processes. Not only that, but our user-friendly interface makes training staff a breeze.

Our real-time interaction with your registration system means as patients are being checked-in, our system can facilitate a patient automation outcome. Automated posting and balance updates are right at your fingertips, saving time and resources.

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Eliminate Hidden Risks and Expand Visibility with In-House Crafted Reporting

Capabilities and functionalities that go beyond your traditional reporting dashboards. With in-depth insight and greater visibility, you can identify new opportunities, develop targeted strategies, and improve overall decision making. Easily identify and monitor performance, track patient satisfaction, cash & check manifest reconciliation, collections, discounts, and so much more with the power of HealthPay24 behind you.

Meeting the Highest Standard of Security and Compliance in Healthcare Payments

We take a hands-on approach to working with you to maintain and procure devices. With integrated P2PE credit card devices, every transaction completed is safe and secure.

We have your work from home staff covered too. It’s imperative that compliance rules and regulations are applied, no matter where payments are taken. To prepare for any shift in work environments, we arm our clients with the following safety measures:

  • Company-approved devices and equipment with protection measures in place such as antivirus or malware
  • Secure connection to your network, and/or applications such as VPN or multi-factor authentication 
  • Home environments with a private office space and/or headsets to ensure privacy for sensitive conversations

Innovative Communication to Receive Payments Faster

Digital, consumer-minded features allow you to engage your patients in a way that is familiar and convenient to them. Sit back and watch patient payment rates increase!

From Anywhere

Provide a truly contactless experience with our Text-to-Collect feature! Easily send an SMS message to your patients from our platform to collect their balance or pre-service estimate from anywhere.

Statements and Paperless Billing

Significantly decrease the cost to collect with paperless, automated billing. E-statements are branded for your organization and can be accessed quickly, at any time, by your patients.

Email and SMS Messaging

Quickly send emails and/or SMS messages to your patients, based on their communication preferences. This allows your patients to interact with your organization when it’s the most convenient for them.

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Payroll Deduction for Employees

Give your healthcare employees an easy way to pay their copay and deductible payments from their paycheck. A quick swipe or tap of their ID at POS or manual entry of their ID number at self-service is all it takes.

“Customer service is the best I’ve seen. They treat us like we are their only customer.”

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