Increase Collections with Innovative Patient Payment Solutions

The financial side of healthcare can be a hassle, especially if you’re utilizing multiple billing systems across your healthcare organization. Multiple, convoluted billing systems leads to confusion for your patients.

What if you could leverage one platform that manages patient and non-patient charges across any number of billing systems?

HealthPay24’s patient payment solution provides you with the billing software you need to meet every patient’s needs while still fulfilling your own.

Point of Service Payments

Capture payments as early as pre-service estimation

Many patients have no idea what a service will cost them until it has been provided. We can change that.

Our improved patient first billing system allows for accurate pre-service estimates to help your patients understand both the service and its cost before stepping into the exam room.

Increase upfront collections

77% of patients believe healthcare costs are unpredictable.

Help them avoid confusion with our unique patient-driven payment model that meets the patient where they are – not where they “should” be.

Offer secure transactions

Security is important to you – and it’s just as important to us. Our patient billing software is secure and HIPAA compliant, so you’ll always have the peace of mind that patient balances will be collected safely.

Data Analytics

Identify and monitor KPIs

Help your business shine with individualized key performance indicator (KPI) identification and tracking.

Use these actionable insights to improve your patients’ experience for a more streamlined automated billing system.

Track patient satisfaction levels

Understanding and fulfilling your patients’ needs and desires will make your practice stand out. When your patients are happy, your business is happy.

Use our improved patient billing software to track your patients’ satisfaction with your practice to ensure you are achieving high levels of satisfaction.

Enhance and track patient payment journeys

Patients struggling with confusing invoices is a thing of the past. With HealthPay24, you can easily track each patient’s payment journey through our convenient patient-first billing software to keep yourself and your practice organized – even on-the-go.

New Hanover Health System

“Customer service is the best I’ve seen. They treat us like we are their only customer.”

New Hanover Health System

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