Engaging with patients about their financial responsibility as early as possible is important as it will positively influence patient satisfaction and loyalty. With flexible payment options that fit your patients’ lifestyles, you can give them financial peace of mind from the first touch to the last. 

Patients Are Struggling to Pay Their Healthcare Expenses 

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As the average annual deductible rises ($3,655 in 2021), nearly 1 in 4 Americans are skipping medical care because of the cost. Many studies show the average American can’t afford a $300 medical expense.

Healthcare organizations are pivoting their financial engagement strategies to offer various affordability options to make healthcare payments less stressful for the average American. 

HealthPay24 Offers Providers: 

  • Omni-channel engagement so you can support multiple payment methods, giving your patients a fast, frictionless, and secure payment experience.
  • Estimation tool integration – We’re tool-agnostic! Use our estimation integration at the time of a scheduled event and even utilize the hold to post option.
  • Automated notifications allow your organization to send notifications for payment due dates, balances, and past-due notices directly to a patient’s phone number or email address for a quicker response.
  • Discounts can be offered to patients directly through the provider portal. Your organization can determine the type of discount and how it’s offered.
  • Statements & paperless billing allow you to significantly decrease the cost to collect. E-statements are branded for your organization and can be accessed quickly, at any time by your patients.
  • Financial assistance & counseling enables you to engage patients to uncover solutions to their financial responsibility. Easily communicate available loan programs, initiate discounts, and other financial resources that are accessible to your patients.
  • Employee Easy Pay allows you to reduce unpaid employee medical bills and gives your staff an easy way to pay their copay and deductible payments from their paycheck.
HealthPay24's Provider Portal
  • Contactless payment methods that are convenient, easy to use, and increasingly in high demand by patients.
    • Autopay
    • Text to pay
    • Text to collect
    • Card on file
    • IVR
    • Digital wallets
    • Financing
  • Customizable payment plans allow your patients to pay their medical bills through a scheduled payment plan. This can be scheduled directly in the patient portal and patients and/or guarantors can elect the monthly amount of the payment and the length of the plan based on guidelines set by your organization.

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