Reduce payment complexity with an integrated patient payment solution that automates your workflows and reconciles automatically.

The Traditional Revenue Cycle was Not Designed for Patient Payments

businesswoman concentrating on laptop screenHealthcare provider organizations need a patient payment solution with a payment engine designed to simplify their revenue cycle, not complicate it.

HealthPay24 seamlessly integrates with existing EMRs, financial software, practice management solutions, and estimation tools so providers experience global reconciliation and increased staff efficiency across the entire revenue cycle.



HealthPay24 Offers Providers: 

  • Vendor consolidation so you can streamline processes, improve workflows, and cut costs.
  • Automated workflows and processes allow your team to drive performance and effectively influence patient engagement across the entire care journey.
  • Automated posting so you can experience a more simplistic G/L and retail reconciliation. This includes automatic posting to general ledger, including bulk posting, and reports.
  • Aggregated analytics to help you develop targeted strategies and improve overall decision-making.
  • Customizable reports & dashboards provide in-depth insight that goes beyond traditional dashboards so you can easily identify and monitor performance, track patient satisfaction, and identify new opportunities. 
  • Payment processor – you have the option to work with any processor – we are processor agnostic!
  • Financing partner satisfies the ongoing patient demand for better financing options for their healthcare services. Patient financing is fully integrated into our platform, allowing you to engage the patient with this option as soon as pre-service.
  • Configurable work queues allow you to configure rule- and role-based permissions based on your organization’s needs, optimize workflows, and enhance your patient payment collection process.
  • Integrated payment hub that interacts real-time with your registration system, so while patients are being checked in, our system can facilitate a patient automation outcome.
HealthPay24's Provider Portal

“Patients are able to make payments within the patient portal using HealthPay24 as a gateway. HealthPay24 has really been instrumental in us moving beyond the old model, which was our staff accepting payments with a credit card swipe, to helping with patient engagement by allowing patients to pay online. The system just works.”

– Manager, June 2022

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