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Julie brings over two decades of experience in corporate payments, cloud technology, and digital transformation. Julie held various leadership positions for SAP, JP Morgan Chase, and American Express. Inspired by a family of healthcare professionals, Julie continues her passion for the patient experience with a mission to empower providers in the healthcare space. She is a proud supporter of women in leadership, trust & transparency, and paying it forward in the community.

October 30, 2019

Healthcare organizations have walked the walk when it comes to social responsibility and employee engagement. Because of this ongoing commitment, corporations can learn from healthcare how to build social responsibility that benefits communities.

October 8, 2019

When it comes to provider compensation, striking the right balance between physician expectations and healthcare organizational needs in an ever-changing environment requires a nuanced and thoughtful approach. Navigate toward a winning provider compensation arrangement so you can reap the benefits of a positive financial forecast within your healthcare organization. Discover how with these 5 takeaways.

September 9, 2019

A therapeutic doctor-patient relationship is built on a foundation of trust and is central to the delivery of high-quality care. As in any relationship, maintaining an even balance of satisfaction on each side is a prerequisite to a strong bond.

The era of “Triple-Aim” and “meaningful use” have put a strain on this tenuous balance, undermining healthcare providers’ ability to deliver the level of care for which they strive and that patients want.

The crisi...

August 19, 2019

When it comes to financial performance, meaningful data insights give healthcare organizations a competitive advantage by improving patient payment collections, advancing workflow efficiencies, enhancing patient satisfaction, and reducing financial risk.

July 15, 2019

My dad was a doctor in the town where I grew up. He had a very small practice on a very small main street. He’d get calls in the middle of the night, and his patients never doubted he would show up at their home, doctor’s bag in hand. They trusted that my dad would take care of them no matter what, regardless of their ability to pay. Before I ever recognized it for what it was, trust was the essential driver of this doctor-patient relationship - it was t...

June 24, 2019

The price transparency rule has acted as the shot heard around the world, with healthcare administrators scrambling to adjust to a slew of new opportunities. This legislation, spearheaded by CMS, requires hospitals to post their prices in the hopes to empower healthcare consumers to make conscientious decisions when engaging in health services. The intent behind the mandate is hopeful. Healthcare consumers should have an active role in their medical inta...

June 3, 2019

Everyone deserves access to competent and effective healthcare, and with the help of the recent CMS ruling on interoperability championing a strong ecosystem in Health IT, we’re getting closer to that reality. Interoperability is a gamechanger in that it expands access to healthcare providers who leverage technology to provide more efficient care to their patients. Before we can discuss the implications of this new ruling and how this ecosystem empowers...

May 20, 2019

We were pleased to have Jennie Erler, Cash Manager from Fairview Health Services, and Amy Olsen, Senior Project Analyst in Accounting at UW Medicine, join us for a webinar earlier this month. Jennie and Amy have extensive financial management experience at their respective health systems and had some great insights and best practices to share.

Fairview Health has 14 hospitals and 62 clinics, plus many ancillary services in the Minneapolis area. UW Medicin...

May 1, 2019

Security and transparency should be top of mind when working with healthcare technology. Third-party vendors can provide many benefits as long as safety and security precautions are taken.

April 16, 2019

Our recent launch of HealthPay It Forward, a company-wide initiative to give back to the community and help those in need, has seen great success and positivity.  Volunteerism and philanthropy are embedded in the fabric of our company, instilled by our founder and embraced by our employees for almost two decades.

Research shows employee volunteering can improve company culture and overall happiness in the workplace. And it’s true! Companies do well by doi...

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