See how Employee Easy Pay is offering employees a simpler way to pay and helping healthcare providers save on their costs.

A New Employee Benefit

HealthPay24’s new Employee Easy Pay feature offers any hospital or healthcare provider the opportunity to allow their staff to pay for medical care directly through payroll deduction. By using existing payment devices (or devices provided by HealthPay24), employees simply provide their employee badges or identification numbers to pay their medical bills – creating an easy, consumer-focused payment experience.

Providers Benefit Too

By offering your employees a seamless way to pay for their medical bills during pre-service or point-of-service, healthcare providers will be able to lower costs by reducing the number of unpaid invoices that are sent to collections – just from your employees!

Total Benefits Include:

  • Added Employee Benefit
  • Current Devices and Badges May be Used
  • Quick Implementation for Current HealthPay24 Users
  • Reduced Provider Costs
  • Simplified Payments on the Back-End
  • Fewer Invoices Sent to Collections
  • Reduced Open A/R Days

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