How Hunt Regional Healthcare Grew Pre- and Point-of-Service Collections and Reduced Cost to Collect


Hunt Regional needed a patient payment platform that would integrate with Meditech, its EMR and PayNav, its estimation tool, to allow them to capture more patient revenue during pre-service.

It would also reduce the cost-to-collect on the back-end and streamline point-of-service collections via online payments, payment plans, and prior balance collections.


HealthPay24’s patient payment solution was able to seamlessly integrate with Meditech and PayNav to enable Hunt Regional’s staff to on-board patients more easily and experience successful results in just one month.

With streamlined processes in place staff was able to collect on payments in real-time, reduce transaction fees by collecting on multiple accounts at one time, view the patient’s entire payment history, and compare expected vs. actual payments.

Patients are now able to experience a variety of convenient, self-service features including online payments, digital payment archives, payment plans, and financial counseling.

Improved Payment Process Efficiency

Price Transparency

Estimations for price transparency directly in patient portal

Payment Plan

Patients have transparency on balances with the opportunity to pay or set up a payment plan

Convenient Payment Options

HealthPay24 launched directly from PayNav for convenient payment options


Seamless integration with Meditech allows for automated workflows and increased staff efficiency

Collections Tracking

Processed payments reporting and visibility ensures staff accountability and collections tracking

Payment Plan Sucess

Payment Plan Sucess First Year Totals 465 total plans set up totaling $520,000 Approx 42 plans created per month Average plan balance = $1,089 Collected over $133,129 in Year 1

The Future of Patient Financial Engagement