Should Your Hospital Follow the Patient Engagement Framework?
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As an industry leader in the patient payment experience, HealthPay24 has spent more than two decades ensuring hospitals and healthcare systems can best meet their patients’ financial needs. We have shifted to meet our customer’s needs and the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We optimize the use of the patient engagement framework with our streamlined, intuitive technology. 

Our company was founded in 2001 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We built our company on the values of teamwork, growth, and innovation. With people at the heart of what we do, we strongly believe in building trust with our clients and working together to create a streamlined product. Our rapid growth is a testament to our people-over-processes business model. 

As stated in our Mission, HealthPay24 empowers healthcare provider organizations to maximize patient self-pay revenue by providing the most innovative and comprehensive payment solutions.

patient engagement framework

HealthPay24 is an EngageSmart Solution

In 2015, HealthPay24 was acquired by EngageSmart, going public in 2021. EngageSmart’s acquisition allowed HealthPay24 to go even further in addressing patient engagement opportunities. EngageSmart prides itself on a strong business model and dedicated leadership team that works with its subsidiaries in a collaborative effort for success. 

“EngageSmart results are driven by strong demands for our solutions, our compelling market position in what we believe are resilient verticals, and our production leadership as measured by adoption and retention. Looking ahead, we are enthusiastic about the significant opportunity before us and continue to invest in our solutions to unlock EnegeSmart’s full potential,” said Cassandra Hudson, EngageSmart CFO in a recent article on BusinessWire

The Patient Engagement Framework

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) introduced increased reporting metrics for patient engagement to hold hospitals accountable for improving the quality of care. Patient engagement measures are now tied to incentive requirements such as Medicare payments. 

Healthcare organizations use the patient engagement framework to structure models of care centered around the most important factor: the patient. Through this framework, healthcare organizations can have more meaningful engagement and a better quality of care. The patient engagement framework improves patient self-efficacy and reduces confusion between healthcare services and patient payments.

When it comes to the patient financial experience, a responsive technological interface helps successfully guide individuals through a potentially stressful process. HealthPay24 simplifies the patient financial experience through the use of unified payment processes, streamlined reconciliation, and seamless integration with any existing EMR. 

Using our technology, patients can access their total financial responsibility in one convenient location. Our system allows patients to view estimates from the patient portal and make payments on those estimates. By accepting many avenues of payment, including text, app, phone, online, or cash, patients can feel secure in choosing the best option for their unique situation.  

Patients are able to make payments within the patient portal using HealthPay24 as a gateway. HealthPay24 has really been instrumental in us moving beyond the old model, which was our staff accepting payments with a credit card swipe, to helping with patient engagement by allowing patients to pay online. The system just works.”

—Manager, June 2022, KLAS Research

Experience Breeds Innovation

After over 20 years as an industry leader, we continue to succeed in using a patient engagement framework to address both client and patient needs. Our work is one the forefront of anticipating shifts in the ever-changing healthcare industry. 

HealthPay24 seamlessly integrates with existing EMRs, practice management solutions, financial software, and estimation tools. For example, Epic customers can incorporate HealthPay24’s payment page directly into MyChart

In our recent platform redesign, we added additional features based on client needs: 

  1. HealthPay24’s SaaS platform offers providers an omnichannel patient experience that includes an intuitive portal, text, IVR, and app payment selections. 
  2. New affordability options offer patients financial peace of mind through customized payment plans, financial counseling, and non-recourse loans. 
  3. Real-time payment reconciliation allows providers to easily process and reconcile patient payments to the general ledger which reduces administrative burden and improves the accuracy of financial reconciliation.

patient engagement framework

Pushing the Limits

HealthPay24 stands out among the competition as the best patient payment platform on the market. Our platform components ensure a positive experience for both patients and staff. We have added features to our system through hands-on research and user product testing.

Our key features include:

  • Strong ability to integrate with multiple platforms
  • Ability to collect and post payments at the time of estimate 
  • 100% on-time implementation
  • Processor and device agnostic
  • Customer service

Strong ability to integrate with multiple platforms: HealthPay24 integrates with your existing EMR, financial software, project management software, and estimation tools to provide a simplified, comprehensive platform. Our software reduces the burden on staff by automating billing updates in real time. Patients can view their healthcare financial responsibility in one place.

Ability to collect and post payments at the time of estimate: “Price transparency and financial engagement are essential to improving the patient revenue cycle.” By providing a pre-service estimate, we can help patients plan their financial responsibility and reduce payment delays. We allow providers to post estimates in the patient portal and collect payments off the estimate.

Implementation time: We work hard to make it easy for clients to adopt our patient payment platform. Our team at HealthPay24 has a 100% on-time implementation rate. We work on your timeline to integrate into existing EMR systems and bring easier payment platforms to your patients. 

Processor and device agnostic: Our platform is not specific to a particular processor or device, meaning you can use your existing technology with HealthPay24. HealthPay24 offers the most P2PE device solutions of any other patient payment provider, allowing patients ease with a variety of payment options.

Customer support: We pride ourselves on providing excellent client satisfaction. We provide clear, timely communication to our clients, and have evolved our product to match client needs. We hold a 95% customer retention rate and a referenceable customer base.

“I consider HealthPay24 to be one of the best products we use here. HealthPay24 is our payment processor for point of service and online bill pay. The big key for us is that we use different EMR vendors, and HealthPay24 can ingest each of the balances, present them to the patient in a nice and patient-friendly way, and process payments. We are able to then push back those payments directly to the A/R even if the patient makes one payment covering different companies.”

-Director, May 2022,  KLAS Research 

Optimizing Your Patient Financial Experience 

For the past 20 years, HealthPay24 has striven to simplify the patient financial experience. HealthPay24’s model uses the patient engagement framework to put people at the core of what we do. Through our dedicated research, we have optimized our platform to reduce stress and increase ease of payment. Visit our website today to learn how you can use HealthPay24 for the benefit of your organization: