Partner Spotlight: Matrix Imaging Solutions

At HealthPay24, we value strategic partnerships, particularly for the shared purpose and passion that both entities bring to the table. We believe these are essential ingredients for long-term business relationships

We recently partnered with Matrix Imaging Solutions (Matrix) to offer our customers a comprehensive payment solution and better engagement model with patients. Our platform, integrated with Matrix’s communication tools, allows a hospital or a healthcare facility greater flexibility to remind patients when a payment is due and offers multiple payment methods

We sat down with Brian Snyder, SVP of Sales and Business Development at Matrix to discuss how they got started, their strategy in the healthcare industry, and why they decided to partner with us.  

Q. How did Matrix Imaging Solutions get started? 

  1. Matrix has actually been around for over three decades. We started in 1988 when we acquired our first customers in the Healthcare and ARM industries and we’ve been at it ever since! 

Q. Tell us a little about what Matrix does. 

  1. Our full-service business solutions include print, mail, email, and SMS critical customer communications. We also offer data management and storage as well as dedicated, industry-leading archiving and search capabilities. Basically, we help our customers communicate with their customers. 

Q. What differentiates Matrix from the competition? 

  1. Matrix is unique because we combine decades of knowledge, experience, and processing power – which puts us ahead of our competition. We continuously strive to be on the cutting edge of technology so that our solutions always make sense for today’s evolving consumer. We’re big enough to handle large jobs and programs, but small enough to value our customers and genuinely care about their experience with us. We have a team of dedicated developers who have handled custom development, data management, and output workflows. Finally, our retention rate speaks for itself. We have a 15-year average customer retention rate as well as a 15-year average employee retention rate. 

Q. Why did you decide to partner with HealthPay24? 

  1. Matrix and HealthPay24 is an ideal partnership. Together we have a great mix of complementary services and the partnership enhances consumer responsiveness and lowers collection costs, so linking up with HealthPay24 just makes sense. We have similar missions: to create an industry-leading customer experience and engagement model for our customers’ patients. Ultimately, this partnership enables healthcare facilities to save money by offering their patients faster and more comprehensive options to pay. And it’s hard to say no to that! 

Q. What is your strategy for the healthcare industry? 

  1. We would like to work closely with HealthPay24 on bringing our products to customers who want an easier and more effective way to communicate with their customers and provide critical communications.