Exploring the Future and Benefits of Non-Recourse Loans in Healthcare

High-deductible healthcare plans seem to be a popular option among Americans who have employer-sponsored health benefits. However, with high-deductible healthcare plans come increased out-of-pocket healthcare costs. As patients take on greater financial responsibility for their healthcare costs, it is crucial for healthcare practices to explore various payment options, especially ones that include modern technology (such as pay-by-text and pay via mobile wallet). This approach will not only get you paid faster but also give your patients a better overall experience. 

How Can Non-Recourse Financing Work Within My Health System? 

Non-recourse financing programs have evolved considerably and there are now healthcare-specific platforms that can seamlessly integrate with your existing patient payment technology. In fact, many non-recourse companies are very user-friendly and operate mostly if not entirely online, making it convenient for patients who prefer to make digital payments. 

A bonus is that your revenue cycle staff isn’t required on a day-to-day basis. Other than distributing information about this financing option, your staff is free to focus on other valuable tasks. 

Increase Your Likelihood of Getting Paid in Full 

As patients continue to struggle to pay their medical bills in full, set them up for success by offering payment options that work for them. A non-recourse loan option gives patients the flexibility to pay over a period of time. With zero interest, deferred payment, and long-term interest-bearing loan options, there is a solution for everyone. 

For a closer look at the current state of high deductible health plans and what this means for patients’ ability to pay their healthcare bills, take a look at our infographic below.