Introducing HealthPay24’s New General Manager: Fred Sheffield

HealthPay24 is pleased to announce Fred Sheffield as our new General Manager. Prior to being appointed to this new role, Fred served as HealthPay24’s Chief Revenue Officer, providing leadership and growth strategy for the organization. He successfully led a team of marketing and business development professionals who are passionate about helping the health industry engage with their consumers by providing a holistic financial experience.  

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field, Fred has dedicated his career to improving the consumer experience and enhancing the provider-patient relationship.  

We sat down with Fred to learn more about what initially attracted him to HealthPay24 and his strategic outlook moving forward. 

Q: When you first applied for the position of Chief Revenue Officer, what was attractive about HealthPay24? 

A: “Working for an organization that previously partnered with HealthPay24, I had a unique perspective on the company. I always had the sense that the company put their clients first when developing solutions to address market challenges.  

HealthPay24 also has great people that are committed to doing the very best they can to improve the payment experience. This customer-focused approach and culture of commitment is the main reason I wanted to come to work for the company.” 

Q: Having over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field, what one strategy or tactic would you say has never grown stale? 

A: “Healthcare Revenue Cycle is one the most complex industries I’ve ever worked in.  Helping healthcare professionals cut through all the noise to make high-quality decisions is one of the most satisfying experiences that anyone can ever have. Building that trust, respect, and loyalty is unmatched.  

I don’t know that I would call it a “tactic” as much as I would rewarding, and helping our clients navigate complexity and see results from their hard work never grows stale.” 

Q: Now that you’re HealthPay24’s General Manager, what initiatives would you like to put in place to foster further growth for the company? 

A: “One of the biggest challenges that we are facing right now in the healthcare revenue cycle is improving the experience for patients.  High deductible health plans have placed a burden on patients as well as providers that continues to lead to bad debt and increased financial burden.  

The traditional healthcare revenue cycle was not designed for patient engagement and making that shift in mindset has been a challenge for providers. There is a great opportunity to help bring patients and providers together through technology enabling the financial experience to mirror that of online retail. 

Creating a seamless connected experience will help foster better communication, trust, and loyalty. It is my vision that HealthPay24 will lead the way in creating this consumer-centric model that will help providers serve their patients with a more modern payment experience so that the focus can get back to healing and healthcare.”    

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