Increasing Orthopedic Revenue with Fewer Resources

Providing a top-notch patient experience is key to the success of your orthopedic practice. This experience not only includes medical procedures, but administrative and financial services as well. Oftentimes, the focus is heavier on patient care and less on financial counseling and communication. Unfortunately, this can create confusion, frustration, and even disloyalty toward your organization. 

Patient’s expectations and behaviors have evolved considerably over the last decade. With growing trends in technology, orthopedic practices must be at the top of their game to not only gain the attention of new patients but also to keep them coming back. Ahead of their appointments, patients want to have as much insight as possible regarding cost and expectations. Additionally, patients are responding better to text communication. With the appropriate tools in place, you can meet and even exceed your patients’ expectations.  

Is the innovative technology that is required to meet consumer expectations worth the ROI? 

A robust patient financial engagement platform allows you to automate workflows, offer beneficial financial services and entice patients to pay their bills faster. Improving the financial experience for your patients and your practice provides the additional insight, features, and revenue needed to maintain a profitable business. 

Digital Tools to Improve Patient Financial Engagement 

Utilizing a proven payment automation solution can provide you with many advantages. This will allow you to offer your patients a payment experience that is simple and engaging. Not only will it speed up the overall revenue cycle process, but it will also free up time for your staff so they can focus on other, high value tasks. 

Additionally, a great patient payment tool can increase engagement and payment rates, improve satisfaction, and generate referrals for your practice.  

Streamlined Workflow 

Say goodbye to manual workflows. Some of the best technology of today has automated old, manual processes, significantly improving efficiency.  

The following features are just a few of the ways that an automated payment solution can revolutionize your orthopedic practice. 

Personalized, Easy-to-Access Payment Platform  

Patient payment platforms give patients the opportunity to view their bills, schedule payments, and quickly opt-in to payment plans or apply for a non-recourse loan without needing to switch to another website. Since these transactions take place within the patient payment platform, users have the peace of mind that their transactions are safe and secure. Furthermore, patients have the flexibility to complete their transactions on their own time. No more waiting until your billing department is open to take payments over the phone. 

Card on File 

Another great way that automated systems can improve the patient experience is the option to store a card on file for future payments. This saves patients the hassle of having to enter their information every time they go to make a payment online. Additionally, this allows you to initiate a touch-free payment experience, which brings us to our next feature. 


With the click of a button, a patient payment platform can send an SMS text to your patient’s mobile device. Once the text is received, the patient can click the URL included in the message and they are brought to the patient payment portal. After entering a few identifying fields, the patient can see the payment amount you specified for them. They can easily complete the transaction by entering their preferred payment method. To make checkout even faster next time, the patient has the option to set up an account with the information used to process this transaction. 

Simplified Payment System 

Finally, patient payment technology can simplify the clutter and confusion of disjointed billing systems. No matter how your patient pays, everything is run through the patient payment platform and processed electronically. This means more time saved and less chance for error. 

Save Time and Process More Revenue 

Enjoy having the ability to focus your time and attention on your patients and providing them with the best possible care without the added stress of disjointed, manual workflows. Learn how you can transform the payment experience for your patients and your practice. Get in touch with us today to learn more and to schedule a free demo.