What Our Partnership with Curae Means for Your Patients

In the span of a decade, high-deductible health plans with a health savings account increased from 4.2% to 18.9% among adults 18-64. Unfortunately, this type of coverage is putting patients in situations where they are unable to pay their out-of-pocket expenses. Because of this, healthcare practices are doing what they can to get ahead of this obstacle by offering alternate payment options to their patients. But are these options enough?   

HealthPay24 is continually adding new features and tools to help you achieve your collection goals. Our partnership with Curae addresses patient challenges around high deductibles and self-pay obligations by offering flexible, non-recourse patient financing that covers the entire credit spectrum. Learn more about how Curae can help you get paid faster and deliver a better overall experience to your patients. 

Creating a Seamless Patient Experience 

One of the most important things to consider when adding a new feature to your payment technology is how it will affect your patient’s overall experience. Ideally, your patients should be presented with payment options seamlessly without being redirected to a different website. What’s great is Curae is built on an API, which means your patients are not being redirected or bounced to a different website to take action. Curae is completely housed within the HealthPay24 platform, making the user experience very seamless. 

Once your patient shows interest in a financing option, they are presented with a quick, 1-minute paperless application process that requires no additional documentation and has no impact on the patient’s credit file to view and accept available offers. 

After their application has been approved, the patient is given multiple options to choose from. These options are predetermined by the provider and can include: 

  • 0% interest 
  • Deferred Interest 
  • Longer-term, interest-bearing 

This creates a revolving line of credit that is specific to your organization for your patients to use immediately and in the future for any financial obligation. 

How Do Providers Benefit from Curae’s Financing Options? 

Curae’s goal is for providers to get paid faster and in full. With non-recourse patient financing, your practice is funded directly for the transaction amount within 24-48 hours via ACH deposit without any provider liability or default. 

This technology helps you to improve your patients’ experience by providing multiple financing options to fit any budget. As mentioned previously, these financing offers are completely predetermined by your practice, so it’s up to you whether you offer just a deferred interest option to your patients or all three. 

Curae also allows you to engage your patients at various stages – pre-service, point-of-service, and post-service. With Curae’s healthcare-specific, non-recourse patient financing options, your practice has the ability to increase revenue and patient retention. 

HealthPay24 strives to offer our customers a true patient-driven experience. The addition of Curae into our ecosystem continues to empower patients by giving them readily accessible, personalized financing options. 

Interested in learning more about how our patient payment technology can help your healthcare practice achieve your collection goals? Get in touch with us today!