Our Mission

HealthPay24 empowers healthcare provider organizations to maximize patient self-pay revenue by providing the most innovative and comprehensive payment solutions.

Our Core

At HealthPay24, we operate as a family. Our business is built on a foundation of trust, dedication, and some good old-fashioned teamwork. At our core, we employ a “people over process” mindset; we believe that great people working together make an unstoppable team

We are propelled by our core values. They help us pinpoint the exact ways in which we can support our long-term vision and our day-to-day mission of “people over processes”.

HealthPay24 Team

HealthPay24 grew out of a suburb of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania over 20 years ago. Now our team works remotely across the U.S. Even though we made the switch to work outside a traditional work environment, our team continues to thrive on growth and innovation.

We promote a culture that creates a sense of purpose for each of our employees. Together, we continue to innovate rapidly, delivering modernized payment capabilities to the healthcare industry.  

Work for HealthPay24

We are growing fast! Join us and be a part of our ongoing mission to simplify the patient payment experience and empower healthcare providers to efficiently drive a fully automated billing software as you’ve never seen before.

HealthPay24 is an EngageSmart Solution 

EngageSmart EngageSmart Logois a leading provider of vertically tailored customer engagement software with integrated payments capabilities. Its solutions empower customers to manage, improve, and grow their businesses while focusing their time and energy on initiatives that better serve their communities.