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HealthPay24® introduces


Healthcare Financial Engagement is the comprehensive integration of all revenue cycle products and services - all centered on building patient relationships - necessary to maximize the collection of patient-pay responsibilities.

What is HealthFETM?

Delivering Patient Financial Engagement

HealthFE allows healthcare providers to engage each patient about their financial obligations and outcomes during any part of their care, by providing a complete financial expectation of their out-of-pocket expenses(estimate), along with multiple payment options - including discounts, payment plans, 0% interest loans, etc.

Through an intricate series of new technology developments and carefully selected partnerships, HealthFE introduces an entirely new healthcare collection model that squarely places a heightened importance on Patient Financial Engagement - from pre-service to billing.

The HealthFE initiative prompts effective communication for ANY patient financial expectation, manages the coordination of multiple payment channels and payment options while integrating into any billing system. In the new HealthFE model, the majority of receivables will be resolved either during pre-service or within 1 to 120 days of receiving care - greatly increasing revenue and significantly reducing bad debt and staff time associated with collections.

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