HealthPay24 Addresses EMV – The Next Generation of Card Payments

HealthPay24 Addresses ‘EMV’ –
The Next Generation of Card Payments

HARRISBURG, PA – HealthPay24 today announced that it has cleared a major industry milestone by supporting the devices needed for healthcare clients to accept credit or debit cards featuring EMV, or Europay, Mastercard and Visa, embedded microchip technology and NFC Payments.

According to Ken Blessing, Executive Vice President at HealthPay24, the company will offer its client’s new credit or debit card payment devices that read EMV chips embedded in the consumer’s card, helping reduce fraud and increase security – in full support of EMV and NFC payment trends.  The new card payment devices will also accept the magnetic stripe on the back of the card for consumers who don’t yet have an EMV enabled card.

Approximately 120 million Americans have already received an EMV chip card and that number is projected to reach nearly 600 million by the end of 2015, according to Smart Card Alliance estimates.

“Even though EMV introduces another security level of Card Data Protection, HealthPay24 will continue utilization of E2E/P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) encryption and tokenization amongst its providers, mutually solving security weaknesses in the payments process, and in doing so, can reduce a Hospital’s PCI scope and compliance costs,” Blessing explained.

He added that HealthPay24’s encryption of all card data at the hardware device protects data that has been captured by the merchant but has not yet been used for the transaction authorization process. Tokenization solves the problem of storing and using real card data in business processes that are downstream from authorization.

Blessing noted the combination of these technologies is widely recognized as the most powerful way to protect against card holder data theft. HealthPay24’s solutions make cardholder data significantly more secure by combining encryption and tokenization for superior protection for payments processed within healthcare providers.

About HealthPay24

HealthPay24 was developed in 2002 and was designed by and for providers wanting to efficiently process payments at the point-of-service. HealthPay24 was the first solution dedicated to processing healthcare point-of-service payments.  Ever since our first deployment, HealthPay24 has been enhanced and improved with suggestions from over 300 Hospitals and Physician facilities, enabling providers to have a tightly integrated payment solution to collect any payment — anywhere throughout your healthcare facility.  For more information about HealthPay24, visit