Millary’s Musings: Being There for the Big Moments

A friend of mine asked me to lunch recently and opened up about his uneasiness at his current workplace.  He lamented that there were stretches of time that he felt that he wasn’t “busy” or had anything important to do.  As we explored it further, I asked him about the times he was busy and the more we discussed it the more it was apparent that those times were critical and crucial for his company… he was there all the time – but he was especially there and available during the “big moments”.

Someone here at HealthPay24 recently commented on the fantastic relationships we have developed with our clients over many years.  Our clients depend on us to be there for the big moments and I am happy to say that overall we have done a good job of that.  But our clients’ big moments that we share are not limited to the business world – they share their personal big moments with us as well and we do the same with them.  Our clients are there for our big moments as much as we are for theirs – how fantastic is that!!

As we all celebrated the 4th of July holiday this year, my hope is that we had the opportunity to reflect on the importance and joy of family – something that many of us can easily take for granted during the busyness of life.  May we never take our various “family” relationships for granted – may we live with gratitude and humility and accept and enjoy the responsibility of being there for each other – especially during the big moments.