HealthPay24 Upgrades – What to Expect

Imagine you’ve just popped open your email to get your day started and there it is: “HP24 Version X.X Now Available!” Great! What does that mean and how does it impact you?


Why are you asking me to upgrade?

Two to four times per year, the HP24 team releases a major update to the product. These updates are made up of Customer requests for functionality, new functionality from the HP24 Product team and Partners, as well as fixes for issues found in older versions. Later this year, we expect an update to provide full EMV credit card support and, when something like that happens, we want you to know what to expect.


What do I do? What is being changed?

As part of the notice that the release is available, you’ll also receive a link to relevant “Release Notes,” available on the HP24 Client Portal, which outline the changes in the updated version. If you have questions after reviewing the notes, the best place to start is with your Client Services support team member at 717-766-8335 or


How will I get the upgrade? Is there downtime?

Once you’re comfortable with what’s in the release notes, it’s time to think about scheduling your upgrade with your dedicated Client Services Support team member. In nearly all cases, you have both Test and Production environments and we always start by updating Test first. You control the scheduling, at least for the most part. We’ll generally work with you to schedule Test upgrades during the normal business day. When it comes time to update Production, we’ll accommodate slower times of day, outside of normal hours. Downtime varies dependent on how many versions will be applied, but you can expect an average of two hours of downtime in Production.


What else should I know?

Normally, the upgrade process requires little manpower on your end. You may need to coordinate Change Control requests, ensure that a group of super-users or administrators have signed off on acceptance testing, notify users of downtime, and from time to time there may be some involvement with the desktop/deployment team to push out new drivers or other components. Most customers run through this entire process in a week or two.


As always, your dedicated Client Services Support team member is available to assist with this process at 717-766-8335 or