HealthPay24 Enterprise Released

ImageVision.Net Releases HealthPay24®Enterprise

We are pleased to announce the release of HealthPay24®Enterprise. HealthPay24® Enterprise is designed to offer a tightly integrated solution to hospital billing and financial systems for collecting payments from multiple payment channels (POS, Business Office, Mobile, and Online) in a single enterprise solution. HealthPay24® Enterprise also includes the ability to provide patients with financial assistance options. HealthPay24® Payment Options provide hospitals with the ability to offer patients an automated internal payment plan or a patient friendly Loan Program for the repayment of patient A/R balances.

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HealthPay24 Mobile Payments Released

HealthPay24 now includes mobile payment capability using a handheld mobile device for processing patient payments anywhere across your healthcare facilities.  Using HealthPay24 Mobile payments your employee’s will no longer be restricted to taking a payment only where there is a PC.  With HealthPay24 Mobile Payments, you can process Any Payment — Anywhere.

HealthPay24 supports various IOS devices such as the iPad, iPad Mini, and iTouch.  You pick the device that is right for your healthcare environment.